How to add a product

Follow these steps if you want to add products to your store on


 Step 1.

Click on the DASHBOARD button in the top left

add a product


Step 2.

Log in to your account. If you do not have an account click here and follow the steps to create one.

add an account 2

Step 3.

On the dashboard screen, click on products and click the Add Product button.

add an account 3

Step 4.

Fill in your products details. It is important to fill in as much detail as possible for your products.


add a product 4

Select the correct category for your product.

add a product 5

add a product 6

Add tags if required

add a product 7

Step 5

Add images for your product. The featured image is the main image for your product. Add all other images to the product gallery

add a product 8

add a product 9


add a product 10

Step 6.

On the general tab, select your product type. Most products will be simple products.

add a product 11

Add a SKU for your product if you have one. If you dont you can leave this blank.

add a product 12

Step 7.

On the inventory tab, mark your product as in stock.

add a product 13

Step 8.

Click the Shipping tab and set your shipping costs.

add a product 14


Step 9.

Click the Linked products tab. If you want to link your products to your other products you can do this here.

add a product 15

Step 10.

Click the attributes tab. If your product has different attributes like colours or sizes this is where you can add these.

add a product 16


Step 11.

Once you are happy with all your product settings, click Add Product.

add a product 17

Your product should now be live. Click View Product to see your new product.

add a product 18